Eric DeSantis
Chicago, IL

e r i c @ r u m b l e c a d e . c o m
OBJECTIVE To make games and art.
June 2014 - present
Creative Director, Co-Founder

Co-Founder of game development studio. Design and create videogames for multiple platforms.

Act as development lead and provide project-wide art direction. Management of artists and engineers and project milestones.

Create and manage artwork for other developers or publishers on a contract basis.

October 2012 - present
Contract Art Director, Artist
Computer Graphic Artist + Game Designer

Design and create artwork primarily for videogames and mobile games. Design and create game design documents and user interface for games on all platforms.

Act as lead role and provide project-wide art direction, and work with and/or manage additional artists.

Supplemental work includes character design, comics, storyboards, logo design, and promotional materials.

September 2011 - October 2012
Creative Director
Los Angeles, CA
Managed and lead varied artistic endeavors for leading cloud tech company. External contract hiring and oversight, creative lead for user interface, web interface, and marketing material.

August 2007 - August 2011
Super Happy Fun Fun
Art Director
Austin, TX

Art department manager, senior artist, and designer for iOS, mobile, handheld, and PC game development. Responsible for overall art direction, creating artwork, game design, and artist-to-engineer art pipeline on all projects.
Internal art team staffing/management.
External hiring/managing contract work

iOS titles include Field & Stream Fishing, UFC Undisputed, Big Buck Hunter Pro, and Big Buck Safari.


October 2004 - August 2007
Art Director
Studio City, CA


Lead artist and designer for wireless and handheld game development. Responsible for creating artwork, artist-to-engineer art pipeline, and hiring/managing outside contractors. Company partner.

Wireless titles include Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Spongebob Squarepants: Baytona 500.


April 2003 - August 2004
Vicarious Visions
Game Artist
Albany, NY


Responsible for creating artwork at all stages of videogame development, in both lead and support roles. Conceptual, pixel art, 3D modeling, storyboards, etc. Artwork and textures for handheld/mobile, PC, and console platforms.

Gameboy Advance titles include Crash Nitro Kart Advance, Kids Next Door, and Spy Muppets. Wireless titles include Joker's Wild, Rivet, and Spider-Man Vs. Doc Ock.

July 2000 - November 2002
3d6 Games
Art Director
Las Vegas, NV

Art department manager, senior artist, and designer for videogame development. Responsible for creating artwork, game design, artist-to-engineer art pipeline, internal art team staffing/management, and hiring/managing outside contractors. Company partner.

Gameboy Advance titles include Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Tetris Worlds, Revenge of Shinobi, and Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms.

October 1998 - July 2000
WildStorm/DC Comics
San Diego, CA

Monthly book and primary trade paperback editor for leading comic book publisher. Managed schedules for all aspects of book publications with writers, artists, colorists, designers, et al. Assembled creative teams and initiated new projects. Wrote marketing material, letter columns, project bibles, and supplemental materials. Worked closely with design team on overall book design to establish lines and brands. Handled all incoming writer and artist submissions. Published writer of mainstream comics outside editorial duties.

Monthly books included Gen13, Superman/Gen13, Wildcats, Mostly Wanted, Speed Racer, and Racer X. Was the Assistant Editor for the inaugural year of America's Best Comics, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tom Strong, Promethea, Top Ten, and Tomorrow Stories.

June 1991 - October 1998
Electronic Arts
Assistant Producer III
Redwood City, CA
Production management and game design for leading videogame publisher. Tasks included maintaining contact between developers/artists/production groups, coordinating the testing effort, and maintaining quality control throughout the life of the product with heavy influence on game design. Have been responsible for writing in-game fiction and provided artwork to support the production team. Have worked on original game designs, written complete game design docs, and original character designs.

Additional positions held at Electronic Arts:
Computer Graphic Artist II
Product Analyst
Customer Support Representative

June 1989 - June 1991
Rapid Design Services
Graphic Artist
San Francisco, CA

Hero packaging assembly, mechanicals, layout, and Stat camera operator.


Expert Knowledge:
Adobe Photoshop
Clip Studio Paint
Adobe Illustrator
Pro Motion

Working Knowledge:


3D Studio Max
Visual Source Safe

Tortoise SVN
Google Docs Suite
Libre Office Suite
MS Office Suite

Art team leadership and management
Oustource contract procurement and management
Traditional pixel art and sprite animation
Writer: fiction, storytelling, procedural, tutorial
Game design: casual, arcade, adventure, RPG, mobile
Game art: iOS, Gameboy, DS, mobile, PC
UI design and execution

Mobile games production
3D texture maps
Character Design, Illustration
Comics, Comic Book Illustration

References available.

Rockabilly Beatdown iOS Producer, Art Director, Artist, Designer
Retro Raccoons Arcade Artist
Sums Academy iOS Art Director, Artist
Word2Win iOS, Android, Web Art Director, Artist
UFC Undisputed 2010 iOS Art Director, Artist
Field & Stream Fishing iOS Art Director, Artist
Star*Burst, Star*Burst HD iOS Art Director, Artist
Ace Yeti Trapper iPhone/iPod touch Art Director, Lead Artist
Big Buck Hunter Pro iPhone/iPod touch Lead Artist
Snowboarding TNT iPhone/iPod touch Art Director, Lead Artist
Big Buck Hunter Pro Plug-n-play TV Games Producer, Designer, Artist
Triple Play Sports Plug-n-play TV Games Art Director, Lead Artist
Swing Zone Sports Plug-n-play TV Games Lead Artist
Don't Wake the Wife Windows Mobile Art Director, Lead Artist
Snowboarding TNT Windows Mobile Art Director, Lead Artist
Drop Zone Windows Mobile Art Director, Artist
Big Buck Hunter Pro Mobile Lead Artist
Real Cast Bass Fishing Mobile Lead Artist
Spider-Man 3 X-Box Live Marketplace Artist
Oceanica PC Artist
The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley PC/Mac Artist
Gallop Racer Mobile Artist
Spongebob Squarepants: Baytona500 Mobile Art Director, Designer, Lead Artist
Madden 06 Mobile Artist
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Mobile Art Director, Lead Artist
Lord of the Rings Trilogy Mobile Animator
Pac Man Bowling Mobile Artist
Optimal Video Poker Mobile Artist
Sleuth Mobile Lead Artist
Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock Mobile Designer, Lead Artist
AMF Extreme Bowling Mobile Designer
Rivet Mobile Lead Artist
Crosswords by VV Mobile Artist
Joker's Wild Mobile Artist
Kids Next Door Gameboy Advance Lead Artist
Crash Nitro Kart Advance Gameboy Advance Artist
Spy Muppets Gameboy Advance Artist
Justice League Chronicles Gameboy Advance Writer
Revenge of Shinobi Gameboy Advance Art Director, Lead Artist
Altered Beast Gameboy Advance Art Director
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Gameboy Advance Art Director, Lead Artist
Tetris Worlds Gameboy Advance Art Director
Madden 2001 Gameboy Color Lead Artist
Sarge's Heroes 2 Gameboy Color Art Director
Knockout Kings Sony Playstation Artist
Nascar '98 Sony Playstation Artist
Fire Fight
(PC Gamer "Arcade Game of the year," 1997)
PC CD Assistant Producer
Andretti Racing Sony Playstation Artist
PGA '96 Sony Playstation Artist
PGA TOUR Pentium PC CD Artist
PGA TOUR 486 PC CD Artist
Eagle Eye Mysteries PC CD Assistant Producer
Eagle Eye Mysteries Mac CD Assistant Producer
Around the World in 80 Days PC CD Assistant Producer
Peter Pan PC CD Assistant Producer
Peter Pan DOS Assistant Producer
Scooter's Magic Castle PC CD Assistant Producer
Deluxe Paint V Amiga Creative Consultant
Video Jam DOS Creative Consultant
Scooter's Magic Castle DOS Product Analyst
Cuckoo Zoo DOS Product Analyst
Studio/8 Windows Product Analyst
Deluxe Music 2.0 Mac Product Analyst
Power Poker Mac Product Analyst
Virtual Pinball Sega Genesis Product Analyst
Mutant League Football Sega Genesis Product Analyst
Jungle Strike Sega Genesis Product Analyst
B.O.B. Super Nintendo Product Analyst
Deluxe Paint IV Amiga Product Analyst
Deluxe Paint III Amiga Product Analyst
Deluxe Music Amiga Product Analyst
Desert Strike Sega Genesis Quality Assurance
Black Crypt Amiga Quality Assurance
Buck Rogers Sega Genesis Quality Assurance
Young Galahad Sega Genesis Quality Assurance
Gen13: Grunge Saves the World One Shot
Gen13: Wild Times One Shot
Gen13: Science Friction One Shot
Gen13: A Christmas Caper One Shot
Gen13: Carny Folk One Shot
Speed Racer 3-issue series
Racer X 3-issue series
Superman/Gen13 3-issue series
(Issues #43-57)
(Issues 11-16)
Top Ten
(Issues 1-9)*
(Issues 1-7)*
Tomorrow Stories
(Issues 1-8)*
Tom Strong
(Issues 1-8)*
Crimson: Heaven & Earth Trade Paperback
Crimson: Loyalty & Loss Trade Paperback
The Authority: Relentless Trade Paperback
Gen13: Starting Over Trade Paperback
Gen13: I Love New York Trade Paperback
Speed Racer: The Original Manga Vol. 1 Trade Paperback
StormWatch: Change or Die Trade Paperback
StormWatch: New World Order Trade Paperback
StormWatch: Force of Nature Trade Paperback
StormWatch: Lightning Strikes Trade Paperback
Tom Strong Book One Hardcover
Battle Chasers: A Gathering of Heroes Hardcover
Wildcats: Street Smart Hardcover
*Assistant Editor

Mega Bloks, Inc.

Major retail toy line:
backstory, character names, playset names, and package copy
Spongebob Squarepants: Baytona 500
Mobile phone game:
In-game story and dialogue
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Mobile phone game:
In-game story and dialogue
Vicarious Visions
Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock

Mobile phone game:
In-game story and dialogue

Midway Games
Justice League Chronicles
Gameboy Advance videogame:
In-game story and character dialogue featuring the Justice League (Cartoon Network animated version)

Eloquent Graffiti
“An Evening at Wetdog” and “Once when I was looking through the Yellow Pages.”

Collection of short stories and poetry
Contributing reviewer

Various reviews of comics, anime, and videogames

WildStorm/DC Comics
Gen-Active #5, “Freak Encounters”

Monthly comic book
WildStorm/DC Comics
Gen-Active #3, “Devil May Care”
Monthly comic book

WildStorm/DC Comics
Editor, monthly books and trade paperback collections

Major comic book publisher:
Book copy, letters pages, book proposals, and marketing material (see full listing above).

Electronic Arts

PC videogame:
In-game fiction and character dialogue

Fish House Format
Ash & Gas
Writer/artist of “Volcanic Partners.”
Writer, “Pork and Beanz.”

Quarterly, self published comic book:
Editor and contributing writer/artist to a sci-fi adventure series

Rough Copy Productions

Quarterly, self published comic book:
Editor and contributing writer/artist of a comic anthology of San Francisco-based artists